A significant increase in the efficiency of the conveyor systems is achieved by our turnstiles which can load up to four coils. As buffer or transfer station, our turnstiles are the method of choice. The Special Machinery of MGK delivers always new performance classes.

Edge trimming shear with edge scrap cutter / scrap metal coiler
Our edge trimming shears and edge scrap cutters ensure a constant width of the strip and a straight cut. Wherever high requirements with regard to the constant width precision are asked, our shears deliver best results. Optionally the trimming scrap can be coiled or cut. An automatic removal is a matter for course for us.

Coil coating
Our conveyor coating systems guarantee lacquer and foil coatings of consistent highest quality around the entire coil. From inexpensive, semi-automatic one-sided strip coating systems with coiling-gluing mechanics to fully automatic lacquering systems with two-sided coating, we offer everything that is available in the technology of strips coating. Our Special Machinery is responsive to client wishes and configures individual systems for the strip coating.

Belt winder
The belt winder ensures a clamping slotless fixation of strip beginnings at the coiler. For the winding, the belt winder can be performed from top to bottom if desired. According to the space, this can be performed linear or swivelled. The Special Machinery of MGK is always up to date with the latest development.

Strip-running components:
In- / outflow groups

The decoiler is at the beginning of the processing of coils and the recoiler is at the end. Both strip-running components require special precise controls and reliable motors. The focus of our production and development is to guarantee this at all times. With synchronized motors a programmable control and the exclusive use of high quality components MGK Maschinenbau guarantees best results in the strip-running components at all times.

Coil turner
We can turn and flip coils. With our coil turners, our clients can do it as well. Beltless and fast turning of the coils during an especially careful turning process in a most limited space make our coil turners the most flexible and comfortable machines of this kind. In this regard as well, MGK Maschinenbau researches and develops new solutions for its clients, time and again.  

Coil cars
Our robust and at the same time flexible coil cars transport the coils reliably and precisely to each desired location in the plant. Our coil cars are strong as an ox with a precise control and a careful handling of the surfaces at the same time. MGK Maschinenbau delivers best results for a continuous and efficient production. 

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