Panel wrapping

The specialty of our wrapping systems is to prepare panel materials ready for dispatch. Our machines order-pick and wrap everything and secure even sensitive materials against weather influence, shocks and other damages in transit.
Our panel wrapping systems can process everything: metals – from light aluminium to non-ferrous metal to steel sheets, plastics, fibre materials, press-boards and cardboard products - the valuable primary products and semi-finished products are always wrapped securely, efficiently and reliably by our systems. Even glass plates are wrapped damage-free with our machines. Our wrapping materials can be disposed without problem or even recycled at the end-client.

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The concept of the system is exactly tailored to the requirements of the end-client.
We take the necessary time to define the exact needs of the client. Thereby we keep the costs low and guarantee the efficiency of the wrapping system from day one.

With these wrapping systems, the handling of the panels takes place exclusively via vacuum lifter. Thereby an especially careful and damage-free lifting of the panels is ensured.

We do offer the systems for panel wrapping manually, semi-automatic or fully automatic. With this configuration, the capacities of the operation can always be used to the full. A subsequent upgrade of the wrapping system is possible at any time. Optionally the system can be equipped with a Weighing Technology.